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Submitted on
February 14, 2013


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HELP NEEDED!!! (on a new project)

Thu Feb 14, 2013, 6:15 AM

About Project 'stock-A-zine'...

As you all can read in the description of the Magazine Concept, I was looking for a challenge that could contribute to my personal portfolio. As a member of the deviantart stock community, I didn't have to think long or hard to figure out a subject for this project.

As in normal life, a magazine is compiled, designed and edited by teams of people with a various set of skills. As for this project...  I can't do it all alone. This magazine is going to be (or I hope it will) a huge collaboration between me, the whole DA community (with any relation to stock) and deviantART itself!

English is not my main language, but I do alright, for online communities, I guess. At writing journalistic, editorial stuff, I know I can not compete with native English writers. Also the amount of written content in a magazine would be too much for one person to write in a considerable amount of time.

That's where I would like to call in the help of the DA (stock) community!

Magazine Concept by Khudozhnik-Stock

What is needed and how can 'YOU' help?

I have some idea's of my own, but would like to see what the DA community can come up with.
I need writers, digital- as well as traditional artists, photographers...  people of all kinds.

:bulletgreen: WRITERS:
Needed are people to write columns, articles, interviews, reviews, previews, fun stuff, serious stuff, tutorials, idea's, and anything else you can come up with that could make a nice addition to this magazine, together with suitable (self made) photographs and/or stock images. (or links to specific deviations, so I can note them to get the proper clearance) Of-course I would prefer exclusive (new) articles, but if you have something on shelf that might be of interest, don't hesitate to send it in for the magazine.
:bulletgreen: STOCK PROVIDERS:
Besides the main subject of this magazine, stock images will also be the back-bone of the project. I'll need all sorts of stock, in the layout, as images to go with the specific articles, or as "unedited" work to go with "featured artist" articles (to give some examples) For this I would need permission of every separate stock provider, to use their stock unedited and/or 'as is'.
All stock providers are hereby invited to contact me with heir clearance for use in this (or future) issues of the "stock-A-zine" magazine.

This group in the whole DA community is mostly the target audience of stock providers, and therefor also for this magazine.  I invite manipulation artists and traditional ones alike to send in anything that has to do with their work, their use of stock images. I can think of numerous ways any of these can contribute to the magazine.  I want to do a few "featured artist" articles as well as some mini-interviews. Any of your idea's are also much appreciated.
Anyone on deviantart with some skills (one way or another) can contribute.
It could (for example) be in the form of some custom made graphics...   Caricatures for use alongside of interviews... Exquisite artisan craft pieces could be displayed on a "hand-made" feature....
Really!!!  The limit is your imagination...  plus ofcourse the space available in the magazine!

:bulletgreen: DEVIANTART (STAFF)
All staff of deviantart is invited to look into my new project.
Any way they see to improve or enhance this project is a priority subject for me. Collaboration with Deviantart itself would be much appreciated. Either in the form of advertising the "writing of contributions" or even contributions in the form of official DA approved articles is something that is very high on my wish-list.

image by Mones142
As a small compensation for all the work that is to be done, I will "sell" pieces of space for points.
Some may call it advertisements. Anyone who has some artist website, etsy shop, or anything else to advertise can do that (for a price). The points donated for this will be pumped back into the community, as (for example) prize currency for contests hosted by the members of the stock community!

:bulletred: Deviantart Profiles There is plenty of tools on Deviantart itself to do that!
:bulletred: External Social Media Profiles There is also good ways on your DA profile to get your facebook or other social media page known to your watchers.
:bulletred: Morally unsuitable subjects, websites Political and religious related ad's will be rejected, just like Pornographic, Hateful, Racist, Abusive ad's.
:bulletred: Ads that violate copyright laws No ad's with stolen images, or ad's related to wares or malicious websites.

Other then those exceptions listed above, all submitted ad's will be reviewed and judged accordingly.
If your ad is rejected for any other reason then listed above, you will be notified ofcourse, so you can alter or improve your ad.
More info on advertising can be found here >


and this project is not only 'for' you all, but can also be made 'by' you!!!

Get your creativity going and climb in your pen, camera or tablet!!!

How to submit?

Questions, idea's, scribbles or anything else about this project that's not an actual submission can be sent to me by note (Khudozhnik-Stock), or put in a comment under this journal!
Submissions should be put into a zip file...

Each of these zip files should contain the following:
  • 1 submission file (txt, rtf, doc, docx, html) containing the actual article in text!
  • Images you want to accompany your article with (any image format), or links to the desired images (weblink format or url's to gallery images in a text document, to reduce filesize)
  • 1 clearance document (where you give me the right to use your texts, images and other files you include, altered or not, for this edition or future editions of this magazine)
  • 1 text document, with your personal information and any wishes demands or limitations that may be important for me to know.)

Then this ZIP file can be uploaded to your and the link be sent to me in a note.
Once I downloaded your file and checked the files on my computer, I will notify you that I have received it and all works fine, so I can start the layout process and implementation in the magazine. (Given that your submission does not contradict my moral and is suitable for publication)

Also take note of the following:
Anything you sent to me, is your own creation! You grant me the exclusive right to use, alter or modify your entry to my own liking (even if your submission lacks a clearance document), but only in this and future issues of my stock-A-zine project! This project will not be published outside deviantART, with the only exception of my own personal portfolio (and yours, if you choose to do so)

Important info and progress reports will be submitted in journals, so make sure to "+Watch" me if you like to stay updated!

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EveLivesey Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013  Professional Photographer
Forgot to say in my note - no limitations, requests or demands on my stock :hug:
Khudozhnik-Stock Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Note? I did not receive a note from you on this subject. :(
This happens too often here on dA... notes being lost in space and not arriving
EveLivesey Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013  Professional Photographer
Oh well - it could be me - meaning to send it and never doing it :-) You have full permission to use any of my stock for whatever purpose for your magazine :-)
stock-cursedmind Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Professional Photographer
I consider myself a decent writer and I can help as a stock contributor too.
Just let me know :)
Bamboo-Learning Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
Check my stuff if you see any kind of possible contributions let me know.
Khudozhnik-Stock Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The other day I asked someone to write a little article about fractals, since I believe it to be a somewhat unknown art and questioned by many. This magazine is gonna be mainly about stock and all that related to stock images on DA.
Maybe you could shed a light on the 3D community here on DA... the history, creation, and all the technical aspects, in normal understandable English. If I get a few of those articles from different parts of the DA community, I can compile a section where some different art-forms are showcased. Your 3d art looks really cool and could make a nice addition to such an article.
Bamboo-Learning Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
I don't mind writing something. Let me know what you really need, 3D wise.
badsinner69 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Professional General Artist
I can do some imaging of sorts (manips an my own stuff). Would a personal bio be of help for the magazine or even my artistic life from when I started as a hand artist upto now since I'm a graphic art grad? Please send me a note with answers. I read the entry and had a few questions due to confusion. LOL!!!! I am willing to help and try and get my work known while contributing:)
Khudozhnik-Stock Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes... manipulation artists can submit their bio to me, along with clearance (written permission) to use your work in this magazine. From all the manip-artists bio's I will choose some who will be featured in the magazine.
Guidelines on how to submit are written in the journal above!
clemychum Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013
I have almost 10 years experience of writing, if you need any assistance, i'd be happy to help :)
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