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Magazine Concept by Khudozhnik-Stock Magazine Concept by Khudozhnik-Stock

Stock and images used (with permission) in this concept:
[link] by `faestock | [link] by *Burtn | [link] by *YBSilon-Stock | [link] by *Tasastock | [link] by =sara-hel | [link] by *jlior | [link] by =kuschelirmel-stock

As a unemployed Desktop Publisher, I needed a challenge!
Something to use in my portfolio... something cool!
The DA stock community has become a big part in my life, that's why it wasn't so hard to think of a subject when I decided to design a magazine.

Here it is... my first (concept) cover design for a PDF magazine about DA stock.
It is still concept, so all of this layout can and probably will change as the community contributes to the content.

Right now it is here for display purpose, so that you and the whole DA community can get an idea of what this magazine will be about.

This exact layout I posted to advertise the magazine and get people (mostly the stockers in the DA community) to write articles and other stuff to be published in this "DA only Stock Magazine"
I'll write a journal about the "HOW", "WHEN" and "WHERE" people can send their contributions.

That Journal can be found here > [link]
HELP NEEDED!!! (on new project)

About Project 'stock-A-zine'...

As you all can read in the description of the Magazine Concept, I was looking for a challenge that could contribute to my personal portfolio. As a member of the deviantart stock community, I didn't have to think long or hard to figure out a subject for this project.

As in normal life, a magazine is compiled, designed and edited by teams of people with a various set of skills. As for this project...  I can't do it all alone. This magazine is going to be (or I hope it will) a huge collaboration between me, the whole DA community (with any relation to stock) and deviantART itself!

English is not my main language, but I do alright, for online communities, I guess. At writing journalistic, editorial stuff, I know I can not compete with native English writers. Also the amount of written content in a magazine would be too much for one person to write in a considera

I will need all the help I can to make this magazine a success!

I have no plans to publish this magazine anywhere else (with the exception of my personal portfolio), and no money will ever be made with it.
It will only feature some commissioned advertisements as compensation for all the work, which will be pumped back into the DA stock community.
The information about advertising in this magazine is found here > [link]

At the same time is this an early invitation.
If you think you have something that can help me with this magazine, I am glad to hear from you!

Another question I have for you and probably all stock providers out there is:
Am I allowed to use your unedited stock for this purpose?
If I want to do a 'featured artist' article on you, I would like to use your stock as is (or slightly corrected)...
ofcourse I will still credit where credit is due (and even more so in a separate credits section of the magazine).

I hope to hear from you!
DarkDawn-Rain Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Looks awesome! Wish I had time to help you out with something. I'll send you some points later on as my contribution. ;-)
Burtn Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi:wave:, looks very interesting:)!
Khudozhnik-Stock Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, Bernhard! :)
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